JSCK™ Live Home is committed to creating the most open and accessible official website. This website has a comprehensive agenda designed to provide lifelong supports and resources to visitors with disabilities, ending discrimination, empowering individuals, and promoting equal opportunity for all visitors.

JSCK™ Live Home is designed according to the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium, including:

- All the web pages are embedded with header to link to homepage and navigation bar to access different sections.
- All the images on the Website contain "alt" tags with texts easy for screen readers.
- All the links on the Website provide visitors with hint texts and link addresses easy for identifying the pages to be accessed.
* It is recommended to use Google Chrome to access this website and browse the web pages for the best visual effect.


本網站依據 A+ 等級無障礙網站規範設計,其中包括:

- 所有的網頁均嵌帶頁首連結及導航欄位,以便返回主頁或徑往各分頁面。
- 所有的圖片均包含適當的替代文字說明,以便採用屏幕閱讀器瀏覽網站。
- 所有的連結均提供提示文字和連結地址,以便在介面、網址、視窗變更時提前瞭解連結目標。
* 建議使用 Google Chrome 瀏覽器瀏覽本網站之網頁,以獲取最佳視覺效果。