RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is an XML-based method for distributing the latest news and information from a website that can be easily read by a variety of news readers or aggregators.

JSCK™ Live Home offers the following content via RSS, including feeds for JSCK™ Live blog, JSCK™ Live Blog on WordPress, and other social media subscriptions, as well as bookmarking and sharing service.

簡易資訊聚合,是一種消息來源格式規範,用以發佈經常更新資訊的網站,例如新聞、日誌、音訊或視訊的網摘。網路摘要使讀者能夠定期更新喜歡的網站或是聚合不同網站的網摘,而其標準的 XML 檔式可允許資訊在一次發佈後通過不同的程式閱覽。


JSCK™ Live Blog Feed

JSCK™ Live Blog on WordPress Feed

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